Excellent ROI in a Wide Range of Fab Environments

Wafer Sleuth has produced an excellent return on investment in a wide range of fabs, spanning 100mm processing in the 1980s to 300mm processing today. Successful implementations have spread within companies and from one manufacturer to another. To date, the product has been installed at 28 fabs across 14 major semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. The Wafer Sleuth methodology is successful in low volume R&D fabs as well as medium and high volume production fabs. It has contributed to the manufacture of DRAMs and ASICs, DSPs and analog circuits, discrete devices and highly complex CPUs.

Many fabs have found that wafer-level tracking is a necessity. Wafer Sleuth is often the tool of choice for process, product and yield engineers due to its power and ease of use. Greater numbers and types of process variations can be detected with this methodology. Wafer Sleuth implementation demonstrates rapid return on investment—for this reason, it is a critical component of older, more cost-sensitive fabs and the newest, most technologically advanced fabs.

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