Turnkey Factory Integration

Sleuthworks’ on-site integration work helps to resolve any logistical, organizational and technology-related obstacles to Wafer Sleuth implementation. Successful wafer-level traceability has been achieved in fabs with different levels of material handling automation. Sleuthworks’ in-fab integration team addresses many critical system elements, such as:

Distinct wafer sequence creation

Use of both the wafer IDs scribed by the silicon vendor and scribed in fab

Managing effects of processing on the ID marks

Ensuring system turn-on is compatible with existing fab CIM procedures

Project manager, operations and system maintenance training

System backups and archiving

Fab transitional situations, such as addition of new process technologies and changes to existing data sources

Sleuthworks rapidly customizes the Wafer Sleuth software to fit your needs, and provides on-site, remote server access and phone support to ensure a successful implementation.